Epic story filled with historic battles, engaging characters

An epic story filled with historic battles, engaging characters and action. Mace brings the reader to a time in history that is well known however we learn new and informative details of this famous battle, of Wellington and the historical time period.

I Stood With Wellington begins in 1814, a time when the European’s in charge were bickering with each other while Napoleon was able to advance with his large army, we see both these great military minds in action as Wellington and Napoleon meet to fight one of the greatest battles in history, the Battle of Waterloo. We read about the military strategies that went into one of the most famous wars of all time. Along with all the historic information, the author also brings entertaining characters with their own stories that are weaved into this fascinating tale.

I enjoy reading about this time period and Mace is able to craft a story that makes you feel like are you really there watching from the sidelines, where we can’t get hurt of course, but still feel a part of the action. Mace fills his book with plenty of history however it does not feel like we are reading a text book. He introduces us to interesting characters that we care about and we want to keep turning the pages until the end. This is the second book in the series however you can read it as a standalone novel.
I recommend for those that love historical fiction with action and adventure.

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