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At first you don’t see them. Their brownish coloring blends in well with the rocks.

At times, they look like rocks.

Golden eagles are still hanging around areas of Lucky Peak Reservoir and there’s still time to get in some eagle-watching. I did a column in Idaho Outdoors in the Idaho Statesman a couple weeks ago about eagle-watching.

I was up near Spring Shores Marina last weekend and spotted two eagles sitting on rock outcroppings in one draw.

They’re magnificent birds and it’s a thrill to see them.

The best thing to do is to stay in your car and watch them with binoculars from a distance. As you open the car door, they fly to another perch.

I’ve seen golden eagles along the Mores Creek arm of the reservoir and near Spring Shores, so far.

UPDATE: I got a note from the folks over in Malheur County that there have been four to five bald eagles hanging out between the Nyssa Boat Ramp and Adrian.

UPDATE:   Judy Silva at the Catfish Junction RV Park in Huntington, Ore., says there are lots of birds on the Snake River this time of the year. “On the island across from us is a pair of bald eagles, and in the rock formations across the street we have a family of owls. This is a good place to bird watch.”
You are welcome to come check it out.  Judy

Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman

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