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Eagle City Council will hear public input Tuesday on proposed pay raises for mayor, council

NOTE: An earlier version of this incorrectly reported that the raises were approved in June. The council is expected to vote on the raises after taking public input.

The Eagle City Council is considering giving itself — and the mayor — pay raises. A public hearing on the matter will be held at 6:30 pm. Tuesday at Eagle City Hall, 660 E. Civic Lane.

The raises range from 43 to 60 percent, and they would take effect on Jan. 1, 2014.

City council members’ pay would go from $5,610 to $9,000. The council president would rise from $7,012 to $10,500. The Eagle mayor’s salary would go from $42,000 to $60,000.

Councilwoman Mary Defayette said the pay increase is not so much a raise as a reinstatement of prior salaries for the council. In 2008, the council slashed their pay by 50 percent, reducing their pay from $11,220 to $5,610.

The Eagle mayor’s pay has been a contentious issue. Nancy Merrill  was paid a part-time mayor’s salary of $42,000, but Phil Bandy received $72,150 as a full-time mayor. While serving as mayor, Bandy accepted a second full-time job at Boise State University; he resigned amid controversy.

Appointed to serve out Bandy’s term, Reynolds agreed to take the mayor’s job at a salary of $30,000. He’ll be making double that next year. Reynolds said Monday that he works about 50 hours a week.

Comments can be made at Tuesday night’s meeting, or submitted via e-mail to: eaglecity@cityofeagle.org or via mail: Eagle City Hall 660 E. Civic Lane, Eagle, ID  83616.

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