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Eagle: City council member and business owner endorse Jeff Kunz

Eagle City Councilman John Grasser and Foad Roghani, co-owner of Camille Beckman, have endorsed Jeff Kunz for Eagle City Council.

Here is John Grasser’s endorsement statement:

“As Eagle voters, we need to get back to electing at least a few honest people to City Council. We need to balance the existing Council with new people who are committed to conduct business with transparency and serving the needs of the entire Eagle community.

“Sometimes we are blessed to find a candidate like Jeff Kunz with qualities very rarely found in politicians. Qualities like: Vision, Respect, Honesty, and the selfless desire to do what is right for Eagle. Jeff is a man of intelligence who understands complex issues, and the visionary capacity to drive decisions that work for today as well as for our future. Jeff has been a very active and positive fixture at every Eagle Council meeting for more than four years. He has been a citizen Champion on every important issue, speaking up whenever allowed, and achieving material results like his work in leading the successful bond election to purchase City Hall.

“As a private concerned citizen, Jeff has actively sought all perspectives on the issues. With great applied common sense, he has always advocated making practical decisions based on true need, understanding the relevant facts, and socializing the facts with the community to gain consensus. For several years, Jeff has demonstrated that his passion is to work collaboratively with the community, and truly make Eagle a better place to live, work, and play.

“Because of Jeff, I know good candidates exist, and excellent representatives can be elected. As a caring Eagle community, I believe we need to begin being more consistent in electing honest people like Jeff Kunz, and send a strong message to those who enjoy backroom politics and narrow-minded personal agendas, that their bad behavior will no longer be allowed in Eagle.

“I believe in Jeff and his genuine unselfish purpose for seeking a seat at the Council table. I wholeheartedly endorse Jeff Kunz for Eagle City Council. Please join me in Voting FOR Jeff Kunz on November 5.”

Here is Foad Roghani’s endorsement statement:

“I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Kunz on the purchase/lease of the Eagle City Hall. As some of you may remember, this study started around four years ago by a group of volunteers. Jeff was selected as the co-chair of the evaluation group. Jeff, due to his strong business background, purposed the approach for the evaluation and immediately we all agreed that this would be the best approach to take.

“I was impressed by Jeff’s knowledge, devotion and hard work. Considering this was a volunteer work, Jeff spent countless hours to ensure the evaluation was accurate, meaningful and unbiased. With the assistance of group members, he prepared the final documents for City officials.

“Due to various reasons city authorities did not follow up with the recommended options. However Jeff continued to write about the subject and bringing it to the attention of the city decision makers. Jeff made sure that the evaluation was not shelved or forgotten. He encouraged the mayor, some of the City Council members and a few of us remaining from the original evaluation team to keep the effort alive. Jeff knew this was the right thing for Eagle and that it would annually save tax payers a substantial amount of money.

“During the bond election the city was limited on what it legally could and could not to do. However Jeff persevered and encouraged those of us involved to remain supportive. Jeff spent tremendous amounts of time and his own money to encourage the voters to support the bond initiative. After much effort, it eventually passed, for the first time in Idaho history.

“I strongly believe if it had not been for Jeff’s true belief in what is good for the city and its tax payers, as well as his hard work and dedication; the bond issue would have been shelved and forgotten, causing the tax payers to pay a substantial amount on lease of a city hall every year.

“I was not only encouraged by Jeff’s analytical skills and conservative approach to do what is best for the tax payers, but also by his honesty, transparency, dedication and hard work as he spent for more than six years looking out for you and me. As an Eagle based business owner and tax payer, I believe with Councilman Grasser not seeking re-election, Jeff would be an excellent choice for the city council to bring fiscal responsibility, transparency and balance to this governing body.

“For your information, Jeff Kunz did not ask me to write anything on his behalf. I chose to do so as I believe he is a true public servant. Please do not forget to vote on November 5th.”

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