Comedian Dustin ‘Screech’ Diamond breaks a leg — really — and postpones Boise shows

dustindiamondIt is difficult to perform stand-up when you cannot stand up.

Consequently, Dustin Diamond — aka Screech, the resident geek on the defunct sitcom “Saved By the Bell” — will not fulfill his planned appearances Feb. 6-9 at Liquid Laughs in Boise. At least not for a few months.

Diamond, who phoned me today, says he is wearing a large cast on his right leg, which makes it difficult to move.

No, that stupid jock Slater didn’t beat him up. Diamond simply stepped out of his car at home, slipped on a patch of Wisconsin ice and broke his lower right leg Tuesday, he says.

Yo, Screech: Is there a scientific name for the bone you broke?

Let me rephrase that: Are you smart enough to know the scientific name for the bone?

“I should be,” Diamond says. “I spent 10 years in high school. But I’m not.”

It’s the first broken bone for the 37-year-old, who promises to “go the extra mile” when he performs make-up dates May 1-4 at Liquid Laughs. If you bought tickets to this week’s shows, you can go to a free show from replacement headliner Sean Peabody. And call (208) 941-2459 to reschedule your Diamond show in May — or get a refund.

“I’ve been in the business 29 years now,” Diamond says. “So I’m almost a 30-year veteran of doing public entertaining and acting — and with stand-up, heading  into my 15th year. I never cancel shows due to illness. I’m a professional. I try to troop on with it. But the leg bone is a serious one.”

“My tap dancing days are looking bleak,” he adds.

Come on, Screech, you can do it: Break a leg!

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