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Driving Miss Bailey

When H.J. heard about Bailey a 9 year old pitty in a foster home with Fuzzy Pawz Rescue he decided she needed to experience “Lunch with Hamburger Jeff”. When H.J. arrived at Bailey’s foster home she was eager to get in the car and take up a spot next to the window in the back seat.

On the Menu: H.J. took Bailey to the Hungry Onion in Meridian for a cheeseburger, tater tots, and vanilla ice cream

H.J. and Bailey enjoyed lunch at a shaded picnic table in front of the Hungry Onion. Bailey stood at the employee’s only door waiting for her lunch to be delivered. She was very polite and it took some coaxing from Jeff to get her up on the bench. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy the cheeseburger and tater tots dipped in ranch but she lit up with excitement when she saw the ice cream. She was very concerned about making sure the spoon was licked clean between every bite and she made sure to clean up any drips on the asphalt.

After lunch H.J. took Bailey to Petco for a little fun. She attracted a lot of attention wearing her “Adopt Me” leash sleeve. She was eager to smell all the goodies on the treat isle and she was particularly interested in watching the turtles and the fish swim. They browsed through the Halloween costumes and Bailey modeled a witch’s hat. She was a good sport and didn’t seem to mind that people were giggling in delight. They had such a good time at Petco H.J. decided to take her down the street to Petsmart. Jeff weighed her at Banfield and she weighed in at 42 pounds… that’s one itty bitty pitty! They traveled up and down each isle with Bailey’s nose leading the way. Before leaving the store she was content to sit on a bench just outside the grooming shop to people watch with Jeff. After their shopping adventure Jeff took her to Settlers Park for a walk and they took refuge under a tree for some quiet time. Jeff had a great time with Bailey and said, “she’d be ideal for someone looking for a mature girl with manners in place.” Bailey just loved getting in the car and going from place to place.

Videos of Bailey:


Bailey 2

Silly Bailey

Click here to learn more about Bailey
Meet Bailey! She is a small , 9 year old spayed pit bull who is a wonderfully sweet girl. She LOVES meeting people, getting treats, going for walks & car rides. She is a bit picky about her dog friends so she will need to be introduced properly and is best with submissive dogs. She is currently living with a 9 year old male lab mix and they get along great.Bailey is a happy, mellow girl who follows her foster mom from room to room. She especially loves it when the kids leave their blankets on the floor so she can roll and sleep on them! Bailey is house trained and knows to sit for her treats. She prances/dances to let you know when she is ready to eat, go for a ride or get a treat. At bedtime, she likes nothing more than to curl up next to a human and snore the night away! I’m sure she would sleep on the floor next to the bed, if she was made too! She is very good with the kids in her foster home and is very gentle. Bailey is a low energy dog who doesn’t seem too interested in plush toys or playing fetch. She doesn’t steal things to chew on either. Bailey loves to explore the backyard and lay in the sun, but will need a sturdy, 6 ft vinyl or wood fence since she can climb a chain-link fence if she really wants to. When Bailey came to us it was obvious that she has had several litters of puppies, but is now spayed and is enjoying some well-earned and deserved quiet time. She is an old school pit bull, an itty-bitty-pitty if you will – short in stature and only about 40 lbs. Bailey is house trained, spayed, up to date on her vaccinations and micro-chipped. If you would like to add Bailey to your family please fill out an adoption application at Fuzzy Pawz Rescue

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Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

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