Drink beer every Monday for charity at Kegs 4 Cause

Payette Brewing Co.

Payette Brewing Co.

Hey Boise beer nuts — If you want to get a growler filled or drain a pint or two on a Monday night, consider heading over to the Payette Brewing Co. at 111 W. 33rd St. in Garden City.

For over a year now, the fine folks at Payette have donated the half the proceeds of all beer sales on Mondays to the  Kegs 4 Cause program — raising over $15,000 for  non-profit organizations.

That means half the cost of every pint sold or growler filled goes to a different Idaho-based non-profit. For instance, 50 percent of all sales today (Feb. 4) will go towards Wild Lens, a Boise-based 501c3. (Financial jargon alert! 501c3 is insider lingo on how to identify non-profit companies, based on the tax code.)

Wild Lens is a video production company focused on addressing wildlife conservation issues. The company website says Wild Lens Wild Lens “brings biologists and filmmakers together to document interactions between wildlife species and human communities in an effort to find an ecological balance point.” So if that sounds good to you, and you are thirsty for a brew, head over to Payette.

Payette Brewing has been doing Kegs 4 Cause for over a year and the program was proven popular with customers, marketing manager Sheila Francis said Monday.

The original idea came from sales manager Jake Black, and the rest of the staff all thought it was a great idea, Francis said. The program allows the brewery to support causes the employees believe in and allows them — and their customers — to make a difference. Any 501c3 can apply, but Payette generally stays away from strict political causes, instead focusing on programs that help improve the quality of life for all Idahoans.

For example, non-profits who have benefited from Kegs 4 Cause over the last year include the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, Bogus Basin, and the Idaho Humane Society.  The first Kegs 4 Cause benefitted Radio Boise, a community supported radio station at 89.9 FM. (No static at all).

Francis says all Monday Kegs 4 Cause slots are booked through April. Some of those non-profits include Camp Rainbow Gold (an American Cancer Society program to help kids diagnosed with cancer)  and the Idaho Bird Observatory.

Check out the calendar at to see which non-profit is up each Monday night.

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