Double-skunk weekend duck hunting

Wow, I got blanked Saturday and Sunday. It’s weird that I didn’t even realize it until Monday morning. I missed a couple birds I should have hit, and I didn’t get many other chances to redeem myself. Getting skunked comes with the territory. We were floating and jump shooting on the Snake River, and there are a lot of variables beyond our control. Saturday we got blown off the water when steady winds about 25 miles per hour blocked us from paddling downstream. We bailed midway through out hunt.

Sunday the weather cooperated, but it’s late season, and the birds are pretty savvy. We also had the unfortunate luck of having a boat ahead of us flushing all the birds. Tough break for us, but that’s hunting.

None of this surprised me, but what did surprise me was that I didn’t realize I got blanked until after the weekend was over. I just enjoyed a couple days of hunting, even though weather, circumstances and spots of poor shooting worked against me. I still enjoyed being on the water, seeing ducks, geese, raptors, muskrats and probably a few other things I’ve already forgotten. I got to a spend time with a couple hunting buddies, get harassed for missing birds, watch dogs work, and get a little exercise (more than we expected trying to paddle into the wind).

Waterfowl season is winding down. Don’t know if I will make it out again, and if I don’t, it’s not like I will end the season with a bad taste in my mouth. If I had to do this weekend over again, I would probably still go, just hope I shot a little better.

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