Don’t say you can’t vote if you haven’t registered, because there is a good chance you probably can

Yes you can register and vote today — I just did.

And I liked it.

With nothing more than a photo ID and a copy of a recent pay stub from the Idaho Statesman that showed my new Idaho address (rental lease agreements and bank statements work, too), I was able to saunter in at my Boise precinct at 8 a.m., fill out the registration card, show my documents and be on my way by 8:10 a.m. You do have to go to your precinct to register on election day, and you do have to be a citizen of the U.S. and be at least 18.

The poll worker, a wonderful lady with a great smile, even noticed from one of my documents that I was well past 18 and had suffered a recent birthday. So, I got a birthday wish and an “I Voted” sticker all in one fell swoop.

There is a lot of hubbub about same-day registration and voting,  but I am not complaining. There was an election today and I don’t like missing out on my opportunity to have my voice heard at the polls.

A woman came in right after me who had no ID. All she had to do was sign an affidavit.

Voting should be easy — especially for anybody who shows up to do it.

So, if you’re hesitant about not being able to vote because you are not registered, don’t be.

Here’s the drill:

You may register at the polls on election day by providing proof of residence. All documents used in providing proof of residence shall be accompanied with a photo I.D. Only the following documents showing the registrant’s current address in the precinct are authorized for use in registering to vote and providing proof of residency:

  • a valid Idaho driver’s license issued through the department of transportation
  • a valid Idaho identification card issued through the department of transportation
  • any document which contains a valid address in the precinct together with a picture identification card
  • Students may also use a current valid student identification card from a post secondary educational institution in Idaho accompanied with a current student fee statement that contains the student’s valid address in the precinct together with a picture identification card.




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