Do you feel lucky, Mr. Hunter. Well, do ya? It’s controlled hunt lottery time

The application period for fall deer, elk, pronghorn, fall black bear and fall turkey controlled hunts runs through June 5, and the deadline to enter the “Super Hunt” drawing is May 31.

Hunters may apply for controlled hunts at any hunting and fishing license vendor, F&G office, by calling 1-800-55HUNT5; or here. Hunters must have a 2013 Idaho hunting license to apply. They can apply for both controlled hunts and the Super Hunts. The 2012 harvest statistics and drawing odds for controlled hunts are available here.

The Super Hunt is a separate drawing where people can apply as many times as they want. The 26 lucky hunters will win one of 25 tags – eight elk, eight deer, and eight antelope hunts as well as one moose hunt; and one “Super Hunt Combo” entry also will be drawn that will entitle the winner to hunt for one each elk, deer, antelope and moose. Winners can participate in any open hunt in the state for deer, elk, pronghorn or moose, including general hunts and controlled hunts, in addition to any general season or controlled hunt tags they also hold.

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