Deschutes Brewery is fifth on top 50 list

The Brewers Association released their list of top 50 craft brewers Wednesday — and they are all pretty much the same as last year — with one change.

Stone Brewing Co. moved up into the 10 spot, knocking out Boulevard Brewing from Kansas City, which dropped to the no. 12 spot.

The top dog, once again, is the Boston Beer Co. (Sam Adams), with Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Gambrinus (think Shiner Bock) and Deschutes Brewery rounding out the top five. The ratings are based on beer sales volume, which is how many barrels were produced and sent out into the market place. (Each barrel = two 1/2 kegs, the ones you see at parties and bars).

I asked the Brewers Association this morning if they had the actual number of barrels sold for each of the top 50 breweries, but that specific information won’t be released until the May 17 issue of New Brewer Magazine.

I am curious if Sierra Nevada broke the 1 million barrel mark last year. If they didn’t, it’s got to be close.

Idaho does not have any breweries in the Top 50.

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