Dance Co-op concert shows the depth of Boise’s dance community

What do dancers do when they’re on break? They work extremely hard to find more opportunities to create dance and perform. That’s the nature of the profession and — to the enjoyment of Boise audiences — it’s what happened this weekend as the Boise Dance Co-op produced an entertaining, engaging and high caliber concert.

There’s one more chance to see them tonight 8 p.m. Aug. 24, Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy, 516 S. 9th St., Boise. $15-$25 at ­ or at the door.

The Co-op, founded by Jason Hartley and Phylis Rothwell Affrunti started last summer. This year’s concert features choreography and performances from members of Ballet Idaho, Trey McIntyre Project, Idaho Dance Theatre and Off Center Dance Project — and a few freelancers.

Here are a few highlights:

“Let’s Call It,” choreographed and performed by TMP’s Ashley Werhun and Benjamin Behrends incredibly quick and agile with perfectly balanced tensile strength that they play with throughout;

Lydia Skaolsky-Basquill’s “It’s Complicated,” with Lauren Menger, Madeline Bay, Jessica Sulikowski and Chris Makenthun

Former Balance dancer Gracie Whyte’s “Untitled,” performed by her and Ballet Idaho Academy faculty member Lydia Skaolsky-Basquill. Both women are interesting movers (Whyte will perform with Momix in November when the Morrison Center presents the return of “Botanica”);

Skaolsky-Basquill’s quirky “Male” (actually it’s just the symbol) featuring Yurek Hansen, Jason Hartley and Jem Wierenga and all three terrifically macho, nerdy and funny;

“The Right Way” by Ballet Idaho’s James Brougham to live performance by the band Sun Blood Stories;

TMP’s Chanel DaSilva’s “To Live in the Truth,” performed by Alia Kelley, Jessica Sulikowski, Mallory Welsh, Daniel Ojeda and Andrew Taft — a strong mix of dancers;

Elizabeth Herrmann-Barreto’s solo in Mackenthun’s “Somniator,” she somehow manages to be spunky and elegant at the same time;

And Lauren Edson’s impressive “I Hit the Ground,” which closed the show with a strong lineup of Edson, Hartley, Affrunti, Nell Rollins, Hansen and Wierenga.

This BDCO edition is a step up from last year’s inaugural concert, but it is still a mixed bag — call it a potpourri of styles, music and abilities. But the over all sense is simply, Wow, dance in Boise is really happening. The Treasure Valley has a richly talented pool of performers and new choreographers and we all benefit from this opportunity for them to grow and try something new.

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