Currant Creek offers lesson on taking a chance in love

amazoncurrant     Raeanne Thayne
Harlequin, 2013

  •       ISBN9780373777471
  •       Paperback: $7.99
  •       eBook: $6.07

 Publisher Synopsis:  Alexandra McKnight prefers a life of long workdays and short-term relationships, and she’s found it in Hope’s Crossing. A sous chef at the local ski resort, she’s just been offered her dream job at an exclusive new restaurant being built in town. But when it comes to designing the kitchen, Alex finds herself getting up close and personal with construction foreman Sam Delgado….

At first glance, Sam seems perfect for Alex. He’s big, tough, gorgeous-and only in town for a few weeks. But when Sam suddenly moves into a house down the road, Alex suspects that the devoted single father of a six-year-old boy wants more from her than she’s willing to give. Now it’s up to Sam to help Alex see that, no matter what happened in her past, together they can build something more meaningful in Hope’s Crossing.

My Take: RaeAnne Thayne has continued her tradition of creating believable flawed characters that reflect our lives. Alexandra and Sam are tough people with scars from the past, hesitant to take a chance on love. The events in the book that lead to them to falling in love are by turns entertaining and sad. The secret that Alexandra carries which makes her believe she is incapable of being loved is an emotion grabber, and the sensitivity Sam portrays in helping her face her past reveals the strength of his character. As Alex and Sam come to realize that what they thought kept them apart are, in fact, positive attributes that enriched each of them they are able to follow their hearts. The varied cast provides every reader with someone to relate.

Currant Creek Valley is the fourth in this author’s Hope’s Crossing series, but it was the first of the series for me. Starting a series in the middle can be confusing, but not in this case as the author wove the series’ characters into the story line, making all the varied relationships easily comprehended. I am eager to read the other books in the series.

My Rating: 5 out of 5. As always I am a fan of well-crafted G-rated novels.

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