Cruz control stunt accomplished, ah, what? Next up, who will be “essential” in possible shutdown

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, had nearly 20 hours to attempt to communicate something meaningful to the American people during his faux-filibuster against the Affordable Care Act on the Senate floor.

It is too bad he didn’t take the time to spell out his or the Republican alternatives to the ACA — which do, in fact exist.

That would have done more to advance some cause than reading “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Should the Cruz stunt and any further political tantrums in Congress result in an imminent government shutdown I’m going to make a prediction:

Every member of the House and every Senator will rush to declare themselves and their staffs “essential” so they can continue their important work of getting nothing/something done toward solving our fiscal crisis.

“Essential” status, which has to be communicated to each chamber’s leadership, means they will continue to come to work and get paid while the paychecks of others in the federal government may be in jeopardy.

Sound fair?

The District of Columbia, which relies on funding that passes through the federal government, is way out ahead of the D.C. 535.

According to the Washington Post, D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray moved today to designate the entirety of the District government as “essential.” That move will allow city services to continue during a federal shutdown. The Post Reported “Gray announced his position in a letter to the federal Office of Management and Budget, which is handling preparations for a shutdown that could take place if congressional leaders fail to reach an accord by Oct. 1. The city’s budget comes largely from locally raised taxes and is set by locally elected officials, but is ultimately appropriated by Congress.”

We will keep tabs on how quickly the members of our Idaho congressional delegation go the “essential” route with their staffs.

And then, coming right up, will be a fight over raising the debt ceiling.

Interesting times ahead.

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