Crooked Fence to switch flagship IPAs, distribute new beers in cans

Along with the alluring scent of hops, change is in the air at Crooked Fence Brewing Co. in Garden City.

The brewery is in the process of semi-retiring one of its flagship beers, Devil’s Pick IPA, and replacing it with Hop Notion IPA.

“We wanted to put an IPA out there that was a little more sessionable,” explains Kelly Knopp, the brewery’s marketing director and co-owner. “This one is definitely a little less bitter and lower on the IBU scale as well.”

Devil’s Pick  is 7 percent ABV, 80 IBU. Hop Notion is 6.0 ABV, 65 IBU.  Devil’s Pick will continue to be brewed, but not regularly.

“The Devil’s Pick we’ll roll out here and there for all the big fans,” he says, “but the everyday, on-tap IPA for us is going to switch to the Hop Notion. We’re getting a lot of good response on the Hop Notion, so it’s going to be a good thing.”

Crooked Fence currently sells two beers in cans: Rusty Nail Pale Ale and 3 Picket Porter. Hop Notion IPA will join the can clan in mid-March, along with Aviator Raspberry Blonde. All four varieties will be distributed in cans year round.

“We’re just kind of gearing up for summer,” Knopp says. “Nice, sessionable beers for the season.”


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