Cowboy Justice – romantic suspense

An enjoyable addition to the series that is full of intrigue, romance and danger. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about Rachel and Vaughn and of course re-visiting those we met in the previous book.
Rachel is trying her best to run the farming operation of the ranch while her sisters are focused on the guest aspect. She has been watching the land for trouble as there has been several incidences of vandalism. As she rides out toward the canyons she finds more than what she bargained for and is in fear for her life.
Vaughn is the local sheriff and is the first person Rachel calls when she runs into trouble, which some would question, however they have history and although it was more than a year ago, it did not end well, yet there is still something between them and it seems telling that she calls him first.
Vaughn is furious that Rachel has to defend herself and when he finds out who one of the assailants is, he is determined to end a rivalry that has gone on too long. Wallace is the chief of police of the nearby town and they have always been at odds. Vaughn has waited forever to show the true nature of Wallace and his son even if it cost him the re-election.
Vaughn and Rachel dance around their relationship as the investigation heats up. To make matters worse Wallace pulls out all the stops against Vaughn, embarrassing his family and making him look like a fool. The police chief tries to protect a son that seems to be a sociopath who is intent on terrorizing Rachel and her family. The more danger, the more Vaughn and Rachel are drawn toward each other but Vaughn is torn between his family, his job and Rachel and must make some hard decisions.
In the meantime, Rachel finds out some disturbing truths about her father, how he died and how he almost cost them the farm, she is devastated, but with her sisters by her side she gains strength.
This is such a good addition to the series, I like Rachel and Vaughn’s story, try as they might for what they think is the greater good, their attraction is stronger and pulls them together. Rachel is a tough woman who seems to carry the weight of the ranch on her back. She has been working since she could remember side by side with her dad until he died, and you can feel the emotion when she has to come to terms with who her dad really was. I like Rachel and Vaughn together, they have this pull toward each other but so many things get in the way, I was cheering when things finally worked out, but what a struggle at times. The chemistry between them sizzles and love the scene in the barn while others were close by – wow.
I enjoy the relationship with her sisters and other secondary characters in the book, Vaughn’s parents were fun and I enjoyed when he took her to dinner. I am definitely looking forward to reading about Jenna as the overall story continues, we will see the wedding between Amy and Kellen and find out more about this dynamic family. I am enjoying the series immensely and can’t wait.

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