Cooking Spirits is a fun and well-written story

cookingspiritsCooking Spirits
By Joanne Pence
• Publisher: Quail Hill Publishing; 1 edition (April 2, 2013)
• Genre: Mystery/Romance
• Pages: 235
• ISBN-13: 978-0615779416
• Price: $12.95 paperback / $4.90 eBook

In this story, Angie’s cooking/food preoccupation is set aside to plan her wedding to her long-time love, cop Paavo Smith. She is hampered by wedding planners with their own bizarre agendas, interfering opinions from friends and family, and settling the question of where she and Paavo will live after the wedding.
Adding house hunting to the tangle of wedding planners and family members, she finds the perfect house, only to discover it appears to be inhabited by poltergeists. Undaunted, Angie decides the key to exorcising the house is to solve the unexplained murders of the previous owners, which will allow her and Paavo to live there happily ever after.
As you can imagine, the dichotomy of an “Italian princess” hooking up with a homicide cop produces fun edges and a great cast of characters. Add in her stereo-typical crazy Italian family and Paavo’s poor communication skills and you have a recipe for disaster or laughter.
Idaho author, Joanne Pence writes my favorite genre: romantic mysteries. Cooking Spirits is number 14 in the Angie Amalfi series, but the first one I’ve read. Pence’s writing style is strong and clear and her characters are believable and likeable. If you are blessed with a bossy older sister, you will definitely relate to Angie’s reactions to older sister Cat. I can see why, after a hiatus of several years, Joanne Pence gave in to fans’ pleadings and released another in the series.
If you, too, are new to the series, you will have no problem following the storyline. The author deftly inserts the character backgrounds into the story, almost without breaking stride in her current tale, and her tongue-in-cheek humor is delightful.
Rating: 5 out of 5. Definitely a fun read.

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