Common Core could double Idaho students’ testing time

Student assessments could last up to 8.5 hours under the new Common Core exams that are expected to be field tested in Idaho next spring, Idaho Education News reports.

That’s nearly double the amount of time students typically spend on the old exams, the Idaho Standards Achievement Test. Meridian School District estimates students spent about 4.5 hours taking high school ISAT exams.

Neither of the exams are timed.

The Common Core test will be given over multiple days, Joe Willhoft, executive director of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, has told school administrators. The consortium is developing the test.

Critics of Common Core, who met in Boise earlier this month, complained that increased testing time will cut into instruction time in two ways:

– A portion of the students will be out of the classroom, missing instruction while they take exams.

– Those who remain in the classroom will be given light, nonessential instruction almost as a filler until everyone is back in class.

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