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Common Core cluelessness: a sobering survey

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog or this site, you’re probably well acquainted with Common Core.

And that puts you in the minority, according to a new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll.

The sobering results of this survey of 1,025 parents:

  • Fifty-two percent of parents said they’d heard “only a little” or “nothing at all” about the controversial math and English language arts standards.
  • About a quarter said they’d heard “a lot” about the standards.
  • About 22 percent said they’d heard a “moderate amount” about them.
  • About a third of parents were unsure whether their state was among the 45 adopting Common Core.

Spoiler alert: Idaho is among those 45, adopting Idaho Core Standards this fall.

But we’re guessing many of you already knew that.

Here’s an AP story about the survey.



Kevin Richert is a reporter and blogger at Idaho Education News ( Kevin is a former Statesman editorial page editor, with 27 year's experience in Idaho journalism.

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