Coming Wednesday, Opinions Page

Though the Sequester is causing scattered losses of services and shortfalls here and there, we can report there was no shortage of Letters to the Editor in response to our April 20 Our View editorial. In it we argued there were ironic and unintended consequences — spikes in gun sales and applications for concealed weapons permits — as a result of President Obama’s tactics and lobbying efforts in favor of new gun legislation. Many of you begged to differ.

We had our say and now you’ll have yours. We rounded up nearly every eligible letter on the topic (200 words or less) and packaged them for the Opinions Page cover on Wednesday. They will appear online as well at

Speaking of the Opinions masthead, we recently decided to change it from Opinion to Opinions. The reason is simple and transparent. We want to hear your voices expressed on as many platforms as we can find a way to connect.

A few moments ago I announced on Twitter that we are going to be coordinating a Twitter Editorial Competition. Beginning next month, we want to see who can write the most compelling TwitPinion in 140 characters or less. Details to come.

So, we’ve covered print, social media and now . . . how about some face-to-face discussion? In my opening column on Sunday, April 21, I invited folks to contact me and arrange to have coffee to talk about things. Print and social media have their charms, but there is something to be said for in-person civil discourse. Who knows, after a few of these meetings we’ll be able to advise Congress on how to go about it?

We have a full group meeting Monday, but I am open to scheduling more coffees. So everybody can get in a word, I am limiting the groups to six or less. Give me a call, tweet or email me.

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