Can’t wait to shoot this steel target

I’ve been trying different styles of steel targets, and this is my latest addition. I can’t wait to get it out and see how well it works. The photo is pretty self-explanatory, but what you can’t see are two heavy duty springs between the base and the target that allow it to swing. So you hear the clang and see the swing with every hit.

Shooting steel is also a lot more fun than shooting paper (after you’ve sighted in, of course). You don’t have to keep walking up and down the range to change targets. Set them up once and blast away.

It’s rated for both handguns and centerfire rifles. It’s recommended for 10 yards minimum distance for handguns and 100 yards for rifles. The target is made from ar500 steel, which is nearly indestructible, even with high-power rifles and full-metal jacket bullets. If it starts getting pitted, you can turn it around.

I bought this one primarily for the height because nothing is more frustrating than setting up your reactive target and having it obscured by grass. The base of the bullseye is at least a foot off the ground with the stake pounded all the way in.

Hunting season is getting close, and I am looking forward to getting out and practicing with my rifles. After they’re sighted in, I like to take shots that simulate actually hunting conditions while sitting, kneeling, rested on a backpack, etc. I might even run a little or do jumping jacks to get my heart rate up. You learn pretty fast which shots you can make and which ones require more practice.

The cost was $100 on sale, and $129 regular price, not including shipping, which was about $16.

Here are the vitals:
Height: 20 inches (not including base)
Diameter of bullseye: 8 inches.
Weight: 13 pounds.

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