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Can a sirloin burger mend a broken heart

Before Lunch: H.J. and Domino attended the Black Dog Walk held the 2nd Saturday of every month. She was friendly with all the dogs and she was happy to find herself in the middle of a group of American Pit Bull Terriers all of whom were previously adopted from local shelters. Domino impressed everyone with her leash skills. She walked right by Jeff’s side and never walked ahead of him in fact she would continually check in with him by looking up at him. It was a warm day and when it was time to cool off in the shade Domino climbed right into H.J.’s lap! Sweet Domino is suffering from a broken heart. She misses her family terribly. The way she interacts with Hamburger Jeff it’s easy to see she was very connected with her family. She loves to be close to her person and H.J. is happy to be that person.

On the menu: H.J. took Domino to Jack in the Box for a Sirloin burger and fries.

Notable: Domino was famished after the walk and was eager to eat, she didn’t leave any crumbs behind.

More about Domino from CCAS:
Domino is the perfect name for this little dog. Like the game piece, this pitty mix is white with black spots, but life has not been all fun and games for her. She had to be surrendered by her owners when they lost their housing and she has been very sad and lost here at the shelter. She walks very nicely on a leash and waits patiently when you stop. She’s timid and takes some time to warm up. Give her time to explore her surroundings and she will make her way back to you to check you out, too! I sat quietly and dangled my hand and eventually she was giving it a little nudge for some attention. She doesn’t always come when you call her name, but she does respond when you whistle for her. Her owner said that she is good with dogs and kids, but not cats. She showed friendly interest in other dogs that were outside, but we always strongly suggest a meet and greet if you are adding a new animal to a home with existing animals. This girl needs a gentle family that can teach her to trust again and that life can be filled with fun. Her previous owner noted that she is not housebroken, so she will need some patience in that department. At 49 pounds, this 5 year old girl doesn’t require a huge yard. She just needs a soft bed, lots of affection, and someone to put some fun back into her life.


Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

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