BSU’s new approach to tuition could cost full time students

Boise State University is moving toward a tuition system in which students would pay for each credit of instruction they receive. The change, which would take place over five years, would do away with lump sum tuition that the university has charged in the past.

Full time students would likely see their costs rise.  Part-time student costs would no longer subsidize full time student instruction, Boise State officials say.

Chaning the tuition  comes partly because of the state’s continued reduced

Changes would help the university pay for costs associated with growing enrollment in upper division courses. It would allow the university to hire more faculty and reduce bottlenecks in students trying to get classes.

A retooled tuition system also could encourage students to complete the courses in which they are enrolled, since they are paying the full credit hour cost to take them.

Here’s how the system would work when fully implemented: Students would pay a per credit hour cost  — which includes tuition and student fees — up to 13 credits. Between 14 and 17 credits, students would only pay the tuition on additional credit hours — not the fees — a roughly 33 percent savings.

Boise State is transitioning to the new fee structure beginning this year. Students would pay a per credit cost of $260, up through 12 credits, for a total of $3,120 per semester for next school year.

From 13 to 17 credits, students would pay a lump sum of $3,126.


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