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Hamburger Jeff decided to mix it up today and he took two dogs to the Black Dog Walk. The walk is held on the 2nd Sunday of every month and is sponsored by SNIP. Phoenix and Lucy were super excited to load up in the car. Phoenix casually laid down while Lucy put her paws on the console so she could help navigate. Once the dogs arrived at the park they greeted several dogs with sniffs and tail wags. True to her young age Lucy was eager and could hardly wait for the walk to start. Once on the greenbelt the two settled in side by side. Phoenix would occasionally shower Lucy with kisses as he walked beside her. At the shelter both dogs love to play in the puppy pools so H.J. brought extra long leashes for some fun in the river. Phoenix walked right out but Lucy was a little unsure when it got too deep for her.

On the menu: Bacon burger and French fries from burger King

After the walk H.J. went through the drive thru at Burger King. They enjoyed lunch in a shaded grass yard at the shelter so both dogs could be off leash. They both enjoyed the fries but they loved the hamburgers. Lucy found a squeaky toy and entertained herself by squeaking it! Both dogs were pretty tired in settled in nicely for a nap once back in their kennels. Lucy and Phoenix are currently available for adoption at the Idaho Humane Society

More on Lucy from IHS     Lucy is available for adoption
At 12 months of age Lucy is still very much a puppy. She is always a happy bouncy girl and hasn’t let the shelter environment get her down. Lucy is an athletic, strong and very intense dog when someone has a toy, a ball or food. She will jump up and try to grab whatever it is you have, and when she gets excited, she can become mouthy. We’re working on polite manners but sometimes her puppy-ness takes over! She enjoys people and will accept affection happily. She loves to participate in doggy playgroups with other dogs that can handle her enthusiasm. She really LOVES squeaky toys and tennis balls. Lucy needs to be with adults who understand her athletic and intense personality. She will need continued socialization as she grows. Give her something positive to focus on, and work on basic obedience commands. Lucy is not recommended for children because of her mouthing and excitability. This happy girl will need a home with direction and consistent training. If you can commit to this, Lucy will become a wonderful companion
American Pit Bull Terrier (purebred)-Female-12 months-Dark Gray/White-49 pounds

More on Phoenix from IHS   Phoenix is available for adoption
Phoenix is a strong, friendly guy but also independent and needs a bit of time to bond before he shows you his more affectionate side. His owner described him as energetic, playful, and a goofball. Once he has bonded to a new owner he will be loyal and become your best friend. Phoenix is fine with older children and gets along with both cats and dogs. He is fully housetrained but needs more basic training, and we recommend you crate train him so he can be in a safe place when you are not home. The owner said he can jump fences but didn’t specify the height of the fences. Phoenix enjoys participating in doggy playgroups.
Labrador Retriever/Weimaraner Mix – black – male – 2 years old – 70 lbs.

Video of Lucy and Phoenix: Lucy & Phoenix

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