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Boo Boo, bear cub injured in fire, released back to wild

An orphaned black bear cub who was seriously injured in a wildfire near Salmon last summer has been fully rehabilitated and released back into the wild, officials at Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary announced on Facebook Wednesday.

orphaned bear

Statesman archive photo / Joe Jaszewski
Boo Boo’s paws were severely burned in the fire near Salmon, but veterinarians were hopeful that he’d regain full function.



Boo Boo, as the bear was nicknamed, was found clinging to a tree on Aug. 26. He had suffered second-degree burns on all his paws.

Here’s a photo gallery of rescuers aiding Boo Boo.

He was treated by veterinarians at the Idaho Humane Society in Boise, then sent to recuperate and fatten up at Snowdon near McCall. He spent his days rollicking with 10 other black bear cubs.

“Boo Boo returns to the wild on four healthy paws!” says a message on Snowdon’s Facebook page. “He was successfully released into the central Idaho forest after 9 months of recuperating at Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary. Boo Boo’s new beginning as a wild bear is a fitting ending to a story that began with the compassion of firefighters and endured with concern from people across the country who supported his care at Snowdon.”

Boo Boo has grown a lot since he arrived at Snowdon, as evidence by photos posted in Snowdon’s Boo Boo Bear Cub News.

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