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Boiseans join in on Harlem Shake video craze – links to 10 Idaho videos

It all started Feb. 2, when a group of bored skateboarders in Australia — TheSunnyCoastSkate — posted a 30-second YouTube video clip  showing themselves dancing to an instrumental track by Brooklyn DJ Baauer, aka. Harry Rodrigues.

Since then, tens of thousands of others have emulated the video — students of all ages, NBA basketball players, firemen, and Boise’s own Trey McIntyre Project. Students from high schools in Boise and Nampa posted videos, and so have students at Boise State and BYU-Idaho. An unidentified group danced in Downtown Boise. Employees at Boise Fry Company also got their groove on. (( Links to 10 Idaho videos below ))

The videos all follow the same pattern, starting with a single person dancing (that person is usually wearing a helmet or mascot head). When the bass drops, the video cuts to a group of people in crazy costumes dancing, gyrating and/or flailing about jubilantly. There’s a huge variety of crazy outfits (some in underwear or freaky full-body tights), settings and dancing styles (not really the Harlem Shake at all).

This will surely become as tiresome as Psy’s Gangnam Style — if it’s not already — but I thought I’d share links to some of the videos posted by Treasure Valley and other Idaho residents. My favorites were the local high school videos — loved Nampa High’s mascot lead-in, the girl who runs through in a wedding dress in Columbia High’s video and Boise High’s dancing on ice skates. All in good fun, but be careful — the Federal Aviation Administration doesn’t want videos made on planes and some Aussie miners were fired after their video went public (safety concerns).

I’m listing 10 of them in chronological order by posting date:

Feb. 13: Boise State Edition v1

Feb. 15: Trey McIntyre Project – Class Edition

Feb. 16: Harlem Shake Rexburg Idaho

Feb. 17:Harlem Shake BYU I

Feb. 18: Harlem Shake Boise High School Yellowstone 2013

Feb. 20: Nampa High

Feb. 21: Harlem Shake-Boise State Track and Field

Feb. 22: Columbia High

Feb. 22: Downtown Boise

March 1: Boise Fry Company

Annnnnd one more: This video was shot at Scentsy, a company employee says.

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