Boisean Ned Evett animates, directs, new Joe Satriani video

Boise singer-guitarist Ned Evett is best known for his fretless electric guitar talents. But Evett, whose latest album, “Treehouse,” was released earlier this year, has another skill.

Most recently, he wrote, directed and animated a new music video for Joe Satriani’s “Lies and Truths.”

It’s been released to coincide with Satriani’s fall tour.

Satriani drew the characters in the video. Then Evett took them for an interstellar ride.

“Joe has always had a reputation as an ‘alien’, not-of-this-Earth, sort of character,” Evett says, “and this was a great exercise exploring that character. Joe has an amazing library of characters and awesome song titles to get ideas from.

“We spoke about my initial concept for the action before his European tour this summer. I kept completing animation sequences in 20 to 30 second increments and would share those with Joe online in Europe.  As soon as he OK’d the sequence, I’d move on to the next one.”

Evett, who moved to Nashville in 2010, returned to Boise last year. He’s a creative person. Many Boiseans know that Evett developed the fretless glass fingerboard. But animation? That’s an outlet he’s developed over time.

“I am a self-taught animator,” Evett says. “In 2003, my “Gollum Rap” animated video was profiled in USA Today,”

It has more than 1,200,000 hits on YouTube.

Evett loves Boise, but Nashville still beckons, he admits.

“I love East Nashville and the south as a base of touring operations. I miss the mild winters there, and all the music stuff.”

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