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Boise to honor “Good Neighbors”

Thirty-five people and one business will be receive  awards Tuesday at the Boise National Good Neighbor Day celebration.

The honorees were nominated by friends and neighbors for attributes including compassion, helpfulness, selflessness and concern for safety.

The event gets underway at 5:30 p.m. at  The Boise Depot, 2603 W Eastover Terrace.

City Council President Maryanne Jordan will present each winner with a certificate.

The free event is open to the public. Refreshments will be served. The event is the culmination of the 2013 Boise Celebrates Good Neighbors program, which includes National Night Out, a neighborhood block party at Whitney Community Center, a series of events at Boise’s neighborhood libraries and information workshops designed to increase participation in the city’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant program.

Here’s a sample from the nominations:

•      “Marie is the eyes and ears of our block. She is the first to meet and greet new neighbors, see that they feel safe and taken care of, and she’s been known to leave bags of fresh produce on your doorstep.”

•      “Britiney has been a wonderful neighbor and advocate for the safety of our neighborhood and the community at large.  For years, she has sent regular emails updating everyone about any issues or safety concerns and encouraging shared communication.”

•      “B.G. consistently and quietly does good deeds around our neighborhood. He picks up any trash he encounters and he is watchful of things in our neighborhood.”

•      “Susan has championed development of Boise Hills Park. She got 26 neighborhood families and United Water to pledge to contribute a total of $8,950 to plant trees and grass in the Park as matching funds.”

•      “Brad and Cindy live next door. They always make sure I’m okay. (I’m 82 years old.) Brad mows my lawn and pasture, blows all the leaves and twigs off my deck, puts my newspaper up by my front door, and if he sees me stacking wood or lifting anything heavy, he takes it and does it for me. When I had surgery, Cindy changed my bed, helped me up and out of the tub, cleaned my house, and brought me my meals.”

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