Boise State prepares for Wednesday’s National Signing Day

By Brian Murphy

Above: Boise State signee Tanner Shipley. For all highlight videos, click here.

National Signing Day — Wednesday’s extravaganza — actually begins Tuesday night for Boise State.

“We’ll touch base with everybody one more time this evening and make sure they all have received their National Letters of Intent,” said Rich Rasmussen, Boise State’s first-year director of player personnel.

Rich Rasmussen

Rich Rasmussen

“One more quick call. Have you had a chance to read through it? Do you have any questions? Really just reiterating what the plan is for them. Are they doing a signing at the school? What time are they doing it?”

Those calls are all part of a detailed plan for the Broncos, one that carries through Wednesday’s National Signing Day. Boise State is expected to sign as many as 29 players Wednesday.

Coaches and staff will begin arriving in the football offices at 5 a.m. Some with goodies in hand.

“Somebody’s got to swing by, whether it’s Krispy Kreme or somewhere else. You’ve got to have a few doughnuts and bagels around,” said Rasmussen, who serves as the on-campus recruiting coordinator for Boise State, organizing official and unofficial visits for recruits and their families.

Then the fax machine gets cranking. Some recruits will scan and email their NLI, but the vast majority of recruits still use the trusty fax machine. Someone will stand guard.

“We’re looking at our first one coming in from the East Coast, probably around 5 a.m. We’ll have somebody here, sitting by the machine,” Rasmussen said.

After recruits fax their letter, they call the coaching staff to confirm that it made it.

It’s the end of the recruiting process — but the beginning of Boise State’s National Signing Day process.

“We’ll check it off on our list and confirm it has all the info we were looking for, then for the most part the kids will call and confirm we received it,” Rasmussen said. “If we don’t hear from them, the position coach will make a call. Then we make the copies that we need and then get them in into the hands of the compliance office.

“(The compliance officer will) crosscheck me — check the signatures, dates and times. We keep a copy, another copy gets sent off to the NCAA and one copy goes to the conference.”

Like most things football-related, there is a competition between the coaches.

“Who can get all their guys in the earliest,” Rasmussen said.

Though it is an NCAA “dead period” — no visits and no coaches are allowed off campus to contact recruits — coaches can make unlimited phone calls to prospects this week.

“Hopefully, you stay away from too many surprises. We don’t anticipate any major surprise,” Rasmussen said.

Even before the last fax comes in, the coaches are moving onto the Class of 2014. Rasmussen and his staff already have been accumulating lists and gathering video and information on future prospects.

It makes Wednesday an odd mix of Christmas morning and business as usual.

“You’ve got the excitement with signing day. We’ve worked extremely hard in the recruiting process, trying to put this class together, so there’s that excitement. The new guys coming into the program brings excitement,” Rasmussen said.

“The relief of now this class is officially done and in place, now it’s time to move onto the next one. Recruiting has turned into an almost 15-, 16-month process. Once all the faxes come in, the coaches have the opportunity to hit the ground running.”

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