Boise State basketball unveils new floor at Taco Bell Arena

A view of Boise State's new basketball floor.

A view of Boise State’s new basketball floor. Courtesy Boise State.

Boise State unveiled a new court at Taco Bell Arena on Tuesday.

The new floor has different colored wood inside the 3-point line, something Boise State basketball coaches Leon Rice and Gordy Presnell said will only help, as will a dark-colored key.

Rice said an all-blue court was mocked up, but a more classic look was important to the Broncos.

“It’s terrific — came out better than I could hope for,” Rice said.

“It’s beautiful … I feel great about it, I think it will be great for fans to watch,” Presnell said.

Another look at the new court.

Another look at the new court. Statesman photo.

A mockup of the Broncos' new basketball court.

A mockup of the Broncos’ new basketball court.


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