Boise playwright’s play will be performed at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Boise’s Tom Willmorth — one half of the Fool Squad, LLC — is well known for the wacky parodies of Shakespearean plays he creates for the Idaho Shakespeare Festival’s fabled Greenshows with his partner in comedy Joe Golden.

A few years ago Willmorth took his penchant for Shakespearean comedy and created a play — “King Phycus,” a seriously wacky (or wacked out) mishmash of Shakespearean zaniness. First he performed it as a serialized Greenshow one season. Then it received a production by Chicago’s Strange Tree Group in 2010 that earned  a Jeff Award nomination.

Now, a theater company in Los Angeles has picked it up to perform at the Hollywood Fringe Festival June 15-28.

Here’s the blurb on the Fringe Fest website:

“An Historical-Pastoral-Tragical-Comedy in Five Acts. All the plots of Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Caesar, Macbeth, and Richard III are combined in a whirlwind of iambic pentameter consisting of thousands of characters played by 6 actors.”

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Tom Willmorth (right) is best known as part of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival's Fool Squad, along with Joe Golden.

Tom Willmorth (right) is best known as part of the Fool Squad along with Joe Golden.


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