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Boise looking for more traffic box art

The city has invited artists  to apply for a chance to design art for traffic control boxes around the city.

According to a news release, “several creative folks will be selected and others added to a ‘registry’ for future traffic box projects.”

Since in 2009, the city, the Mayor’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Program and Boise’s urban renewal  agency, in partnership with the Downtown Neighborhood Association and the Downtown Boise Association, have paid Idaho artists to design murals for Ada County Highway District traffic control boxes in Boise.

Artists who have designed a box before are eligible to re-apply.  However, the selection panel may give preference to new artists, according to the news release. Boise’s Department of Arts & History is handling the artist selection process and managing the projects.

For more information, visit http://www.boiseartsandhistory.org/opportunities/call-for-entries/traffic-box-artwork.


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