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Boise Council to discuss BieterBond next week

A special meeting at noon Wednesday will go a long way to showing just how the City Council feels about Mayor David Bieter’s proposal to borrow $34 million for investments in parks, public safety facilities and open space.

So far, council members haven’t said too much publicly about the proposal, though what they have said is on the positive side. You never know, though, where they’ll stand when the game gets real — when they actually start putting down specific wording to put on the November ballot. I’ve given up trying to guess what they’ll do.

Adam Park, Bieter’s spokesman, said the council will use the meeting to work through Bieter’s proposal and direct staff on how to write up a ballot.

For anyone interested in going to the meeting, it starts at noon Wednesday on the third floor of City Hall, 150 N. Capitol Blvd.

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