Bogus’ new bike trail sets a new standard

It’s not completed yet, but I rode about 3 miles on Bogus Basin’s new “Around the Mountain” trail, and I was impressed. Trail designers have so far done an excellent job building it so it nicely flows with the terrain. None of the climbs were brutal, and the downhill sections contour the terrain so you can ride with minimal braking. The bermed corners are an added bonus that made it clear the trail is designed for riding.

More than 3 miles of trail has been tire packed by lots of riders, but the edges are still loose. Recent thunderstorms helped moisten the soil, but it’s still a work in progress.

The trail currently dead ends, but it’s not like you will be stuck out in the woods. It ends near the Pine Creek Chairlift, so if you’re a fit rider, you can ride back to the base area on access roads and cat tracks. The trail is scheduled to be completed by the end of October.

I think the addition of this trail will be a game-changer for Bogus Basin. Eastside is currently the favorite in the Shafer Butte trail system judging by all the cars parked at its trailhead, while Bogus trails were pretty lightly ridden on Saturday. I think the new trail may change that equation, or at least take some pressure off Eastside, which is another great trail for mountain biking.

Bogus also has the grill open on weekends so you can grab a post-ride burger and beer.

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