Bigger than duck hunting

Photo by Roger Phillips
It was duck and goose hunt, but it was so much more than that. Justin Klitsch of Blue Collar Decoys in Parma and the Obendorf family of Parma made an unforgettable weekend for servicemen veterans by hosting a two-day hunt. I got to be there on Saturday, and the hospitality shown guys from Kentucky, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Utah was unique and cool.

When the guests and hosts intermingle so well you can’t tell them apart, you know something special is taking place. Watching Shaun Ferguson of Kuna and several others helping Kyle Finley of Cadiz, Kentucky cross a snowy field, frozen pond and get into a lay out blind so he could hunt ducks encapsulated the whole weekend of people going above and beyond. You can read more about in my upcoming column in Idaho Outdoors.

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