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Big Head = Big Heart

On the menu: H.J. took Ziggy to Boise Fry Co. for a bacon burger and French fries

Hamburger Jeff and Ziggy went to Bown Crossing to stroll through the east end market. Ziggy attracted a lot of attention, in case you haven’t noticed he’s quite the looker! Patrons could hardly walk by Ziggy without commenting on his good looks and his polite manners. Ziggy took it all in stride. He didn’t seem to be bothered by the drumming or street performers.

H.J. and Ziggy dined on the patio at the Boise Fry Co. Ziggy was happy to share the patio with a pair of Mastiffs and other diners. Two kids quickly took notice of Ziggy and asked if they could say hi. They were eager to feed him some French fries and Ziggy was happy to accept them. Ziggy had a very soft mouth when taking food from the kids and he was very patient with them. At one point the little boy asked if he could give Ziggy a kiss and H.J. said, “He’d love a kiss!” As the patio got busier Ziggy didn’t seem to mind he was easy going and happy to observe.

After lunch Jeff and Ziggy enjoyed a leisurely walk along the river. Ziggy got his feet wet in the river and enjoyed watching the rafters go by. Ziggy was a total dream dog on leash walking right by Jeff’s side the whole time. Ziggy loves the car. He stretches out in the backseat and rolls around snorting and acting silly. Don’t let this tough guy fool you though because he needs a boost up to get into the backseat! Ziggy had a great outing and could hardly keep his eyes open on the way back to the shelter.

Video of Ziggy’s lunch date: Ziggy on the patio at Boise Fry Co.

Ziggy in the back seat

More about Ziggy from the Idaho Humane Society click follow this link:  Ziggy
Ziggy is a lot of dog but he’s gentle and VERY loving! He think he’s part lap dog so be ready for a 61 pound cuddle bug. Ziggy will sit and down for a treat and is very food motivated. He walks nice on leash and rides great in the car. Ziggy was transferred to us from another shelter where he had been in playgroups with other dogs his size and he did well. He does fine with other dogs that match his rough and ready play style. He will be too much dog for a smaller dog and he needs a home without cats. If you have a big lug like him that’s ready for a buddy Ziggy could be the one for you. Due to his size he’s recommended for a home with older kids. Log in#20754773- American Pit Bull Terrier- 2 years old- 61 lbs

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Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

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