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BieterBond would free up city money for libraries

When he announced his plan in June to ask voters to approve a bond to pay for improvements all over the city, Boise Mayor David Bieter included the Bown Crossing branch library in his wish-list of projects.

He has since removed Bown Crossing from the bond calculus. The omission is based on the thinking that the money for the new branch and an expansion of the Hillcrest Library can come from other pots of money, such as the sale of city property and money that’s leftover at the end of a budget year.

The fate of the bond and the Bown Crossing and Hillcrest projects may be closer than it would seem at first blush. Both Library Director Kevin Booe and Bieter spokesman Adam Park said Monday that the bond, if it passes, would free up the extra pots of city money for the projects. Otherwise,the city might need that money to cover other costs.

Meanwhile, Booe said the city has pushed the pause button on its plans for expanding or replacing the main branch, located on S. Capitol Boulevard. He said the library is now focusing its attention on the bond.

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