Anything But Sweet – wonderful romance by Idaho author

Anything But Sweet Cover
Reno Wilder loves the town he grew up in and does not want anything to change. Unfortunately the rest of the town would love to see some changes, something that might bring more tourists to the area. Sweet, Texas is your typical small town, a little worn around the edges but special to all who live here and recently a TV makeover show called My New Town has picked Sweet for their show.

Reno runs the family Hardware store and with his brothers, a cattle ranch. The five Wilder brothers are Marines and enlisted at the same time, the oldest brother died in war and another is still fighting. Reno was adopted into the family when he was five and although everyone accepted him with open arms, he has always felt the need to go the extra step. He lost his brother, father and the love of his life at about the same time, and has now emotionally shut down.

Charli Brooks is the host of the TV show and is a whirlwind of energy; she comes to town with spirit, ready to help transform the sleepy place. She grew up in a military family and was always moving around and yet even though she is now working in a business with a lot of travel, she is ready to settle and put down roots. She has her eye on Sweet, Texas and Reno Wilder.

What a fun entertaining story, I fell in love with Sweet, Texas and all the characters that live in this wonderful place. Reno is a master at pushing people away, not moving on and although he has his reasons, everyone believes Charli is perfect for him; she has the will to get through the wall. Ms Terry writes with compassion and I love how she brings the military into her stories, the emotion and patriotism is so thoughtful and inspiring. A truly wonderful love story for those that enjoy small town life – highly recommend.

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