And the winner of the Fat Tuesday breast implants was … a dude?

Considering all the attention that the column drew earlier this month, it is entirely my fault for not following up sooner on the Fat Tuesday boob job story.

I just assumed some lucky lady won. Story complete. I’d moved on.

Not just yet …

The winner was Andy Thompson. A guy.

“Well, I’m not sexist — that proves that, right?” declares bar owner Ted Challenger, the man behind the promotion.

What I failed to remember is that the $3,000 breast augmentation was a door prize, meaning that everyone who went to China Blue, Dirty Little Roddy’s or Main Street Bistro received a ticket to be entered into the drawing. Even men.

I can see it now on Craiglist: “Free breast implants. Will trade.”

Hairy-chested winner or not, Challenger seems pleased enough with the result. Business boomed on Fat Tuesday, he says.

However, don’t expect another breast-implant promotion next year, he says. It would be too predictable.

“I just mix it up,” he says. “You gotta shock ‘em.”

Shock ‘em? That’s Mr. Thompson’s territory — at least if he decides to pull a Marilyn Manson.


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