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An open letter on Abedini to Obama: ‘What are you going to do?’

Pamela Fadness, a Twin Falls woman who is missions coordinator at Lighthouse, organized a fundraiser last month for the family of Saeed Abedini, a Boise pastor who has been imprisoned in Iran since September.

Fadness wanted to do more to try to help the Abedini family, so she wrote an open letter to President Barack Obama. She e-mailed it to the president on the White House Web site, and made copies available to media outlets across Idaho.

Here is her letter:

An Open Letter to our President
May 2013
Dear President Obama,
I am writing to plead for your attention to and intervention for an extremely
important and urgent matter, the life of Boise pastor Saeed Abedini.

For three months I have been closely following all of the national reports of
the illegal imprisonment and torture of this Idaho pastor and fellow American
citizen. I understand that you are very busy and your attention is pulled in a
thousand directions. However, I cannot express the depth of my frustration and
disappointment in hearing how both you and the first lady took the time to contact
NBA basketball player, Jason Collins, to show your support for his announcement
last week. Yet you have not offered any verbal or written response, words of
encouragement or support to Mrs. Abedini and her family throughout their nine
month nightmare!

Are you saying that an American citizen, illegally detained and brutally tortured is not an important enough issue to deserve your time or attention? That is exactly what
your actions, or lack thereof, communicate to us.

It was reported that you told Jason Collins that you were “impressed by his courage.”
What about Saeed Abedini’s courage to endure whipping, beating, kicking and all
sorts of psychological torture? And then extend forgiveness to his perpetrators! He
has endured nine brutal months of unlawful imprisonment and remained hopeful,
through it all, that his country is going to intervene and come through for him.

THAT sounds like courage to me.

THAT is impressive to me and also to the hundreds of thousands who are watching
this travesty unfold.

We, the people, are doing what we can to help the Abedini family. Over half a million
of us have signed a petition asking you to take the time to do what is right; no more,
no less for an American citizen that you clearly have the ability to help.

We, the people, of the great state of Idaho and the people of our great nation want
you to know we are watching and waiting. What are you going to do?


Pamela Fadness
Twin Falls, Idaho

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