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Ada County Historic Preservation Council seeks nominations

 The Ada County Historic Preservation Council is currently accepting nominations for the county’s annual Ada County Treasure Awards. Each year, the volunteer council identifies six Ada County properties that have historic significance to Ada County’s rich history.

The Ada County Historic Preservation Council aims to raise public awareness about historic buildings and landmarks so that we can help preserve Ada County’s heritage for future generations.  Unfortunately, buildings with historic significance are often demolished so people can build new structures in their place.”

The Ada County Treasure Award program was first launched in 2003. Each year, the program honors historic sites by placing a special County Treasure sign on selected properties for a two-month time period.

Properties may be nominated for consideration by their owner, a local government entity, or a local special interest group. Nominated property should meet the following criteria:

1. Location: Should be located in unincorporated Ada County, or, should be related to the County’s rural history, government history or early infrastructure

2. Age: More than 50 years

3. Historic Significance: Properties which are listed on the National Register of Historic Places or listed on Ada County historic resource inventories will likely qualify.

To see the historic resource inventories, visit the Historic Preservation Council website at: http://www.adaweb.net/departments/HPC/CountyTreasure.asp and click on Historic Site Inventories. The gallery of previous award winners is also available at this website.

4. Uniqueness

5. Visible from public right-of-way

6. Condition: Still serviceable or at least reasonably well preserved

7. Cooperation/interest of owner in participating is essential

Nominations should be submitted, by March 31, to Richard Beck by email at:rbeck@adaweb.net or by mail to Richard Beck, Ada County Development Services, 200 W. Front Street, Boise, ID  83702.

Boise, Idaho 83702. Questions can be answered by calling 342-1298. The deadline to nominate an Ada County property for the Treasure Award is April 1, 2010. Winners will be announced during the Idaho Archaeology and Historic Preservation Month in May.


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