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ACSO K9 wears a life jacket at Lucky Peak, do you?

When I took my dog Gracie to the Boise River to play in the water last weekend, I bundled her up in her green life jacket (which seemed a tad ridiculous in 100-degree heat). I bought the life jacket — which has a handle on the top — off the rack at a local pet store last summer.

Gracie likes water but isn’t a swimmer like the labs we typically encounter at the river. My fear is that she’ll get swept away by the current, and I won’t be able to reach her quick enough to save her. Some may think I’m over-protective, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. The handle on the top of the jacket allows me to grab her out of the water, if necessary.

Photo from Ada County Sheriff’s Office

The Ada County Sheriff’s Office agrees with me that a life jacket for dogs isn’t a bad idea in fast-moving and/or very cold water. They posted a little story on Facebook about Hondo, a K-9 with the sheriff’s office, always wears a life jacket when out on patrol at Lucky Peak Reservoir.

“Depending on what body of water you are on, there are unpredictable currents and rocks on the bottom and strainers (downed trees, branches, and other debris water passes through but keeps you stuck) to be wary of. The best way to deal with all that stuff is to wear a life jacket – like Hondo – and make sure you have someone else with you,” the sheriff’s office said on Facebook.


My Gracie, sporting a stylish green life jacket.


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