A Woman Entangled – a wonderful historical romance

This is the third in a wonderful historical series, Ms Grant has written her books with thought provoking plots and interesting characters. I love this book and look forward to more from this author, whether she continues this series or introduces us to a new one.
Kate believes she is destine for a better life than she now has, and has worked hard at trying to get her foot in the door of the upper class; a place she feels is her birthright. Her father married an actress and although they have a wonderful life and love each other deeply, he paid the price and was disowned.
Nick Blackshear is a barrister and has known Kate’s family for three years; he works with her father and is frequently over for family dinners. The first time he came to dinner he was amazed at the dynamics and could do no more than stare and listen as they talked about everything from politics to women’s rights, a very modern family in 1817. A perfect example is Viola, Kate’s sister, a feminist in the works who wants to write a book and chronicles everything she comes across.
When Kate finally gets an invitation from her aunt, she believes all her hard work has come to fruition, yet is deeply disappointed when her aunt wants to take her to engagements to introduce her to ladies looking for companions, not gentlemen looking for wives. With her parents cautious approval she goes to the first one, where she meets the elite and actually has a good time. Nick is there to help and watch over her and much to their surprise they share a kiss. Although Nick tried for her affection three years ago, he knows she is looking for something different than he can give and he has moved on, or so he thinks. So begins the dance around their affections to find what they truly want in life.
Ms. Grant’s characters are so beguiling that if you don’t fall in love with them immediately, you will by the end. They have feelings and problems like most of us and make the same mistakes we all do. In the beginning Kate seems shallow and thinks only of herself yet as we watch, we see her grow. Kate wants to make things better for family, bringing them back to respectability and along the way maybe there is something for her. It is easy to understand what a woman strives for in that era, a good marriage with a nice home, and I did cringe when she contemplates a certain choice that may hurt a friend, yet she understands and thinks it through, and that was when I really loved her. I enjoyed Kate’s family, her sister Viola is a kick; she feels the need to inform the world, men and women alike, about opportunities we all should have. I really liked how she wants to research women’s sexual feelings after talking to Kate about a kiss, too funny.
I love Nick; he is a regular non-alpha man working for a living who loves his job. He worries about his family’s reputation after his brother weds a fallen woman that caused a scandal and he even turns away from his brother for about a year, but kept him in his heart and I was so excited when Nick reached out to him. I also enjoyed listening to Nick’s voice when he thinks about Kate and his feelings toward her, they definitely go through several stages and when he finally believes he is free of her, things change, life is complicated.
Both Nick and Kate are conflicted and have their flaws which make them that much more interesting to get to know and watch as they grow. Ms. Grant’s writing flows and you fall into the character’s lives as you rejoice in their excitement and cry at their heartbreaks. I enjoyed seeing Nick’s family from the previous books and liked how they fit into this story. I am not sure if there are more books in the series however I look forward to anything Ms. Grant writes in the future. I truly recommend this book if you like historical romance with intriguing characters.

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