A sign of the ammo drought ending?

Sportsman’s Warehouse is advertising .40 S&W ammo in the April 4 flyer in the Idaho Statesman. I don’t know if this is a sign of more ammo coming on the market or whether .40 S&W is just not as popular as 9mm and .45 ACP ammo, so therefore it’s easier to get. But I swear it’s the first time in months I’ve seen ammo other than shotgun shells listed in a sale flyer. You knew the ammo drought was serious when .22 long rifle ammo was (and still is) scarce. From what I’ve read, ammo manufacturers are literally working 24/7 and at capacity to meet the demand for ammo and still can’t keep up.

It’s really a weird situation and unprecedented in my life time. I’ve seen runs on certain types of ammo before, but it was usually short lived and people felt a little silly afterward, especially if they paid top dollar for a stockpile that they could later replace for considerably less money.

I have a hard time believing people are shooting all the ammo they’ve stock piled, and at what point will we stop buying ammo simply because it’s on the store shelves. It will be interesting to see where this situation ends up. The laws of supply and demand, or in this case demand and supply, should eventually even out. When is still the big question on every shooter’s mind.

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