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A short post about terror

This post is not about my standard subject matter: education. As an avid runner — and, more fundamentally, as a member of the human race — I grieve and pray for the victims of Monday’s bombings in Boston. And when I grieve, I write:

Runners are an incredibly supportive group.

As much as anything, runners compete against courses and clocks and mental and physical limits.

At the end of every race, you’ll see early finishers hanging around looking for friends or total strangers.

They’ll give a thumbs up to us stragglers and strugglers. They’ll tell us we’re looking good (even if it’s a polite lie). They’ll tell us we have only a short way to go (and about that, I don’t think a true runner would ever lie).

So I can’t help wonder if some runners were doing just that — doing this nice thing runners do — when terror struck Monday afternoon. And when I think about that, I’m sad and pissed off all over again.

Kevin Richert is a reporter and blogger at Idaho Education News ( Kevin is a former Statesman editorial page editor, with 27 year's experience in Idaho journalism.

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