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A Second Chance At Life

On the Menu: Hamburger Jeff took Tahoe to Big Bun for a hamburger and fries.

H.J. and Tahoe enjoyed lunch on the covered patio at Big Bun. It was a bit chilly out so Tahoe chose to wear his dapper winter coat. When Tahoe smelled lunch he knew he was in for a feast but French fries weren’t quite what he was hoping for. He was however very pleased with a plain hamburger and he actually enjoyed the bun. From time to time he’d eat a French fry but he preferred to lick them clean of any ranch dressing.

After lunch H.J. took Tahoe to Philippe Park for a walk. They went to the tennis court so Tahoe could run off leash. Tahoe had a blast running zoomies but quickly decided he wanted to snuggle. He curled up right next to Jeff and just seemed content and happy to sun bathe. Tahoe can be a total ham and was rolling around on his back and being silly. It was windy and he enjoyed chasing leaves blowing on the court. Tahoe enjoyed a good game of tag with Jeff with the tennis net separating them. H.J. would run to one end then the other and Tahoe thought it was great fun. When he’d finally round a corner and catch up to Jeff he would jump up and give Jeff a celebratory hug!

Once back at the shelter Tahoe enjoyed a play date with his friend Topaz another pitty looking for a home. Topaz and Tahoe have had several play dates and they really enjoy each others company. They spend most of their time wrestling and they will take turns with who has the upper hand. Tahoe can be quite a flirt with Topaz and its fun to observe the pure joy they bring each other.

Tahoe was one of 64 dogs rescued from a neglectful situation and he can teach us all a lesson in forgiveness. He holds no grudges and he greets everyday with enthusiasm. He’s never met a person or a dog he didn’t like. He was not born into the life that he deserved but he got a second chance the day he was rescued and he’s made the most of everyday since. He’s made quite an impression on the staff and volunteers at the Idaho Humane Society and they will all be cheering him on the day he finds his forever home. Tahoe has no idea how many hearts he’s touched during his time at the shelter. He’s truly a breed ambassador and I see great things for him in his future.

Tahoe’s write up from the Idaho Humane Society
19605821- Pit Bull Terrier- Black/White- Neutered Male- 2 years old- 38 pounds.

Tahoe is a fun loving boy and he loves to please. If you lay down next to him he will cover your face with kisses. He’s a clown, very silly and clumsy. After he has played for a bit he becomes a snuggle boy. He’s always a sucker for a good belly rub and he has a lot of charm and personality. He’s an energetic boy and he loves his toys! He does great with other dogs that will tolerate his enthusiasm for play. He’s done well during introductions with cats and small dogs too.

If you’d like to know more about this sweet boy please call Jenn at 208-866-1629. His adoption fee is $150 and will require an adoption application, home visit, and a positive-based obedience class is included in the adoption fee. Click here to submit an application for Tahoe

Be sure to watch the following videos:

Video of Tahoe licking Ranch dressing off a french fry

Video of Tahoe enjoying a hamburger at Big Bun

video of Tahoe running on the tennis court

video of a good game of tag

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Click here for more information on Topaz

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Photos courtesy of Jenn Graham

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