A new way to bait bears and cops

I couldn’t resist. Tink’s makes sprays to attract animals, and now it offers a bear attractant – the Hot Shot Glazed Donut Bear Mist – “for the extreme hunter.”

“Bears have grown to love human food, and many will come running to the smell of it. So Tink’s created the irresistible smell of glazed donuts in a can, to lure in bears,” a press release from the company said. “Be warned though, this smell might even make you hungry, it’s so realistic.”

No word on whether it attracts cops, too, so use it carefully. Heck, you can attract a lot of things with the smell of glazed donuts. Ask any guy: do you prefer the smell of perfume or donuts? Free tip for you there, gals.

Can’t believe they didn’t get Homer Simpson as the spokesmodel, just seems like a no-brainer. Bet he’d use it instead of underarm deodorant. Mmmm, donuts!

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