A hilarious dark comedy that will leave your sides aching

Eville by Holand PetersonEville

Holand Peterson, Boise author

Adult Dark Comedy

$11.99 Paperback

$2.99 Kindle


Publisher’s Sumary

Help Wanted. Brilliant mad scientist seeks unwitting sap to serve as a lab assistant at isolated, countryside manor. Applicant must be comfortable working around hazardous chemicals, large volumes of blood/mucus/bodily fluids, frequent explosions and mutant, kleptomaniac tarantulas. Experience in dealing with psychotic hunchbacks, lonely, disembodied brains and unstable goblin barbers a plus. Those afraid to tamper with the laws of the universe or conjure limb severing, tentacle-covered monstrosities need not apply. Individual is required to be vaccinated against Goblin Dysentery, Wraith Influenza, Harpy Herpes and Gorgon Hives. Position offers competitive pay, free room and board, and onsite medical services (likely to be used frequently).

My Review:

Seriously, with a back cover like that, how can you not pick up this book and read it? And the story does not disappoint. Alex Hobbs is down on his luck. And not just country song worthy down on his luck. I’m talking about, abandoned by his parents, dumped by his girlfriend of two years, his job went belly-up with no last paycheck, his apartment burned down because of a neglected turkey in the oven of his neighbors left to cook over the weekend–and he cancelled his renter’s insurance the week before, and his car’s engine blew up. THAT kind of down on his luck. The story starts with Alex on a bench, getting pooped on by a bird as he waits for the city bus. He’s on his way to an employment agency; his last chance at getting any semblance of his life back. And that’s when he gets The Job.

Peterson is a hilarious writer, finding a way to make Alex Hobbs’ life tragic and comedic for the reader. The entire book is like that, actually–full of moments, scenarios, and descriptions that will make you laugh out loud. Peterson is very talented at being able to capture that moment in the story and transcribing it onto the page brilliantly. He’s also very vivid in his descriptions, making you feel like you’re there, and telling a story.

Rating: With a cast as vivid and insane as Eville has, you’re sure to be entertained.

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