A fantastically written mystery with deep characters

Title: The Weeping Woman
Author: Patricia Santos Marcantonio (Idaho)
ISBN-13: 978-1-62006-109-1
Genre: Adult Mystery
Price: $16.95 hardcopy, $4.99 ebook

Publisher’s Summary: When children begin disappearing in San Antonio, Detective Blue Rodriguez discovers the case echoes an old Mexican ghost story. The detective must confront her own past and come to term with her visions to find the stolen children.

My Take: LOVED this book. Absolutely thought it was fantastic. I am a sucker for the creepy stories and anything police procedural-related or centered on crime drama. THE WEEPING WOMAN has it all: a gritty, smart-mouthed, street-smart cop; a crime you’re slammed with on page one, amazingly detailed characters, and superb writing. With all of her credentials (award-winning journalist with multiple honors in her writing), Santos Marcantonio knows how to tell a story and knows how to write it well.

The pace was good, the plot was always being moved along in one way or another (whether through the direct storyline or subplots), and the subtle humor from the characters and their unique personalities made for a quick read, even though it’s a substantial book—300 pages.

My Rating: For sure a MUST READ. This truly is a fantastically written and told story

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