A bumper crop of Letters to the Editor continues

Almost since the beginning of the 2014 legislative session in January we have been receiving a flood of Letters to the Editor here at the Statesman.

This has been a good problem to have — that so many people are so interested in participating in the various community conversations ongoing on our LTE page.

Over the past two weeks we have increased the number of letters from about six a day to running literally dozens on occasion.

Thursday will be another day for “Bonus” letters in our continuing effort to get in as many in a timely fashion as we can.

We appreciate your patience if you are a letter writer and hope you are enjoying the volume and variety of letters if you are a reader.

As we look ahead to the Idaho Statesman celebrations of our 150th year of publishing — July 1864 to July 2014 — we’d love to hear from people who think they might be among the oldest or most prolific contributors.

In addition to your next letter, let us know how long you have been writing us. We’d love to know what your favorite topics and motivations for writing might be.

As always, reach us at editorial@idahostatesman.com

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